September 2018 Cookbook Clique

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Here’s my pick for our September 2018 Cookbook Clique!  The Pretty Dish by Jessica Merchant (aka How Sweet Eats) has got it all: pretty pictures, food you can’t wait to eat, and creativity up the wazoo.

If you follow my blog at all, you may know that I am borderline creepily obsessed with Jessica and her blog, How Sweet Eats.  I make her recipes ALL. THE. TIME.  Partly because her pictures are just ooeey-gooey, drippy and dirty-enough to make you want to dive into whatever she’s posted  (I’m saying this from a place of total love), partly because I love the way she writes, partly because everything she makes sounds like exactly what I want to eat right-freaking-now and mostly because she’s such an inspiration to me of a woman who can do it all!  Can she please just come cook for me for a couple days?!

I was super excited for her newest cookbook to come out (she has one from a few years ago, Seriously Delish, which is aptly-named and quite seriously delicious!) and this did not disappoint.  I’ve made quite a few recipes from the book, including:

  • Chocolate-Drizzled Tahini Granola Bars
  • Fried Burrata
  • Peach Panzanella Salad with Bacon and Burrata with House Vinaigrette (my variation is here)
  • Meatball Salad
  • Gruyere French Onion Grilled Cheese with Thyme Butter
  • Green Goddess Chicken Salad Sandwich
  • Chocolate Crinkle Sprinkle Cookies
  • Toasted Garlic Tomato Bisque

There’s definitely a ton of other recipes I want to try in this book…









Plus she has party menus and playlists all planned out for you.  Oh and I failed to mention that she has DIY instructions for homemade beauty products to pamper yourself!


Images reprinted from The Pretty Dish. Copyright © 2018 by Jessica Merchant. Photographs copyright © 2018 by Jessica Merchant. Published by Rodale, an imprint of Hearst.


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